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About Us

Family Owned

My name is Adrian, Owner/Operator of Dream Clean Carpet Cleaning.  We enjoy bringing our expert floor cleaning experience into your home or work place.

Dream Clean was created out of the necessity of bringing you a cleaning method where:

- your carpets will be dry fast, in 60 - 90 minutes or less

- Carpet stays cleaner longer. No resoiling or wick back

- Great for the environment. Only using a few gallons of 

  water.  Eliminates "squishy" carpets thats left by other

  methods where those hoses are running thru your


- Great customer service 


Dream Clean brings you the highest quality in products and service in the process of trying to get your floors looking like new!  Every customer gets a unique and custom cleaning. No two floors are the same.  With our low moisture method, every cleaning will be designed for your specific needs. Be part of the Dream Clean Team!!!

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